With the support of electric propulsion, Russell vehicles will never again make difficult climbs and long distances a problem for you. The electric motor and capacious battery will get you to your destination faster and easier. If you ever had the fear that a bike trip would be too much of a burden, the Russell is the best remedy for your fears. Russell  ebike in any version of equipment, is based on aluminum-steel frame. The Russell frame as well as all other BearEbike frames are manufactured from start to finish in Poland. The frame of the Russell vehicle is a narrower model of the Fat Bear vehicle and at the same time a wider version of the Wojtek bike.




All our e-bikes are made in our headquarters in Krubki-Górki near Warsaw. This is a  100% Polish product. We use proven components of domestic and foreign production. We use components proven in sports like downhill, dirt, freeride. No half measures - we make sure the components used in the production of our e-bikes are as durable as possible (not as light as possible).  All our frames are subjected to static strength analysis and strength calculations using finite element method.


All our vehicles are designed for people of all ages. Among our trusted customers there are parents with children above 12 years of age, as well as young and active retirees infecting everyone around with their cheerfulness! We are able to make a vehicle and design a frame for any customer. We specialize in custom-made vehicles and our vehicles are sold all over Europe and the world.