Acceptance of the vehicle to the shop:

We accept electric vehicles for consignment. Call us to settle the details before delivering the vehicle to our company headquarters.

Bikes are valued after a thorough visual inspection, and then we conclude a consignment contract.

To give the vehicle to our shop you must be at least 18 years old and have an ID card.

We accept electric vehicles based on dedicated frames

We reserve the right to refuse used items that are heavily used, improperly maintained, or that we feel have no chance of selling.


The person placing the vehicle on consignment must be at least 18 years of age, show proof of identity and declare that the bike is their property. Once the price  has been agreed, a consignment contract is signed. In case of sale of the vehicle you will be informed about it immediately.

If the product is not sold –  after the expiry of the contract, we will, after consultation with the owner, reduce the price of the product or return it to the owner . (If the owner does not notify us that they wish  to collect the bike we reserve the right to reduce the price ourselves or, if the owner does not contact us within 6 months since signing the contract, to donate the abandoned items to a charity organisation of our choice).


A consignee, in the course of its business, is engaged in the business of selling items by way of secondary trading.

Acceptance of goods on consignment and their sale takes place each time on the basis of the contract between the Consignor and the Consignee.

The Consignor is obliged to hand over the goods free of any physical and legal defects and encumbrances to third parties. In the event of physical or legal defects or encumbrances, the Consignor is obliged to repair the defect, refund the price of the paid goods if repair is impossible, withdraw the goods from the consignment and repair the damage suffered by the Consignee.

The Consignee shall put up for sale the object in accordance with the instructions of the Consignor, in the forms specified in the consignment contract.

The Consignee undertakes to sell the item at the highest possible price.

The minimum sale price set forth in the consignment agreement is the minimum price for which the Consignee is authorized to sell the object. This price includes the amount due to the Consignor, the commission fee and the VAT due on the consignment fee.

In justified cases the Consignor may agree to sell the item for a price lower than the minimum price. Such consent should be given in writing or via e-mail. In such a case the amount due to the Consignor shall be reduced proportionally.

The Consignee is entitled to a commission fee in the amount specified in the consignment contract, which will be calculated on the basis of the sale price of the item.

The Consignee is entitled to deduct the commission fee due together with VAT from the sale price.

The Consignee may demand a commission fee in the event of non-performance or improper performance of the consignment agreement for reasons attributable to the Consignor.

The amount due for the sale of the object will be paid in cash or by transfer after the Consignee receives the full sale price for the object from the buyer.

The Consignee from the moment of taking the object on consignment bears the risk of its damage, destruction and loss.

If the item is not sold within 3 months from the conclusion of the consignment agreement, the Consignee has the right to:

(a) unilaterally reduce the minimum sale price by 10%, whereby it may be further reduced by a further 10% of the current price in each subsequent 1-month period; in such case the amount due to the consignor shall also be reduced proportionately,

  1. b) withdraw from the consignment contract and call upon the Consignor to take delivery of the object.

The summons to collect the object shall be first made by telephone, then sent to the Consignor by registered letter or by e-mail. The summons shall set a deadline for collection of the object, not longer than 14 days from the date of delivery of the summons.

If the Consignor is delayed in collecting the object within the specified time limit, the Consignee shall be entitled to deposit the object in the warehouse at the Consignor’s expense. A storage fee of 5% of the minimum selling price of the object shall be charged for each started month of delay in collecting the object. The fee shall be charged from the time limit indicated on the summons to collect the object.

The Consignor should inform the Consignee about a change of his/her address. Failure to fulfill this obligation means that letters sent to the address held by the Consignor  are deemed effectively delivered.

Disputes that may arise in relation with the performance of the contract shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the city of Warsaw

Return of vehicles to the consignment shop: