We service all electric vehicles based on custom frames.  We service electric vehicles both mechanically and electrically. We carry out complex repairs of vehicle frames and paint repairs.

Our experience, reliability and conscientiousness we follow while providing our services, make our customers trust us for years. Easy and simple solutions, innovations and improvements are still implemented. All these  are created with your time and convenience in mind.

We have a wide range of electric vehicle repair techniques and methods at our disposal, so we easily select the right technology for the specific type and scale of repair or damage.

Thanks to that we shorten the time of repair as well as we optimize the costs of  its realization.

We service all vehicles based on most popular frames like CAKE, Venom, Viper, Vector, Eleek, Qulbix, Bomber etc.

We do not service electric vehicles “from the market” and ordinary bicycles after self-electrification.

We offer call-out service, pickup and delivery of electric vehicles in Poland and Europe.

We deal with current service of electric vehicles, preparation of vehicles for sport events and trips from the Arctic Circle to the Equator.

We service electric motors i.a:

  • QS205
  • QS273
  • MXUS 3K Turbo
  • QS138
  • Golden Motor
  • Nine Continent
  • Voliamart
  • MXUS
  • Crystalite
  • Leaf
  • Cromotor
  • and other

We offer electric motor rewinding services, replacement of Hall sensors, bearings, seals, filling with ferrofluid and transformer oil. We replace broken axles, cut cable harnesses, cracked housings and other repairs of electric motors.

We specialize in extreme tuning of the QS 205 V3 50H motor

Below are pictures of the most common problems of motors we receive:


Common problems of e-bikes: