Up to 400km range on a single charge! Fat Bear Electric Bikes for public transportation - depending on the version, have a nominal voltage of 48V to 72V and nominal power of 250W and have a manufacturer installed power limiter. The value of the nominal power limiter is dependent on the destination country in which the vehicle is to be used.  LEGAL versions of Fat Bear vehicles have pedal assistance up to 25km / h or other compliant with national regulations, and do not have a thumb throttle. The Fat Bear vehicle is a larger, heavier and wider version of the Russell vehicle - designed to maximize the performance and potential of each battery. Nitro and Ultimate vehicles have a top speed of over 100km/h and are not allowed on public roads.


With the support of electric propulsion, Russell vehicles will never again make difficult climbs and long distances a problem for you. The electric motor and capacious battery will get you to your destination faster and easier. If you ever had the fear that a bike trip would be too much of a burden, the Russell is the best remedy for your fears. Russell  ebike in any version of equipment, is based on aluminum-steel frame. The Russell frame as well as all other BearEbike frames are manufactured from start to finish in Poland. The frame of the Russell vehicle is a narrower model of the Fat Bear vehicle and at the same time a wider version of the Wojtek bike.


Our lightest vehicle. 90mm wide frame, designed for people who appreciate low weight, compactness and excellent maneuverability on the arteries of the city.  Wojtek  electric bikes designed for urban transportation - depending on the version, have a nominal voltage of 48V (Poland) or 60V and have a manufacturer installed power limiter. The nominal power limiter value depends on the destination country where the vehicle is to be used.

By ordering a Wojtek vehicle, you can be sure that your vehicle will  meet all the requirements of the legislature of the selected country of the European Union.


Ursa Major is also the first electric bike, of completely Polish production, created to draw incredible joy from riding on the streets, mountains or forests. Ursa Major will take you to a new, unprecedented level of riding an electric bike. You will feel how easily you can conquer completely new, previously inaccessible places. High engine power will allow you to freely overcome steep mountains and difficult terrain, and every trail will turn into the best adventure. Start enjoying your ride to the max and set new goals for yourself. Challenging yourself and achieving new goals has never been so easy. A vehicle with a concentric bottom bracket pivot and a frame designed and manufactured in Poland by BearEbike team, dedicated for 21700 type cells. Until the premiere of the vehicle - you can get acquainted with it only on the spot - in our company premises.





All our vehicles are designed for people of all ages. Among our trusted customers there are parents with children above 12 years of age, as well as young and active retirees infecting everyone around with their cheerfulness! We are able to make a vehicle and design a frame for any customer. We specialize in custom-made vehicles and our vehicles are sold all over Europe and the world.


All our e-bikes are made in our headquarters in Krubki-Górki near Warsaw. This is a  100% Polish product. We use proven components of domestic and foreign production. We use components proven in sports like downhill, dirt, freeride. No half measures - we make sure the components used in the production of our e-bikes are as durable as possible (not as light as possible).  All our frames are subjected to static strength analysis and strength calculations using finite element method.


All batteries in Bear Ebike vehicles are made at our company headquarters in Krubki-Górki. As the first in Poland, from January 2021 we implement a fully automated CNC laser for battery production. Batteries produced in Poland by BearEbike are tested according to the highest safety standards GB/T 16483-2008 and GB/T 17519-2013, our packages are thoroughly checked for quality and safety in accordance with UN T38.3 and EN 62133