All our e-bikes are made at our company headquarters in Krubki-Górki near Warsaw. It is a 100% Polish product. We use proven components of both domestic and foreign production. All our products are characterized by the highest quality workmanship, elements with the highest technical parameters, tested for durability and safety of use. We use components proven in sports like downhill, dirt, freeride. We focus on making sure the parts we use for our e-bikes are as durable as possible (not as light as possible). No half measures!

Battery and its lifetime

Manufacturers specify that cells – from high-current ones (for acceleration) – up to 300 charge cycles, to high-capacity ones (for range) – up to 400 charge cycles, –  on average a cell will not lose more than 20% of its capacity. We assume that on a single charge we cover about 100-150km. For the calculation we use the data concerning the battery consumption at the highest currents – which in theory influences the biggest and the fastest battery wear.

So, by simple math, the battery will not lose more than 20% of its capacity with mileage

(kmage) over 30,000 – 120,000km….

Let us remind you we are talking about e-bike mileage, not car mileage. In what time span we are able to do 30, 50 or 100 thousand kilometers on an e-bike, – everyone must answer for themselves. Our first customers this year have been reaching the mileage of 27 000 km after 7 years and… our batteries are still as good as new, the opinions about them speak for themselves.

We use only brand new cells from leading, renowned  manufacturers such as LG, Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung. We never use any  refurbished cells.

Declared range on a single charge

Minimum range specified in our sample configurations is the range, when we travel “zero-one” – that is when all the energy from the battery is spent on developing full acceleration again and again, slowing down only when we are forced to do so.

The maximum range specified in the sample configuration is the range that we are able to achieve on flat terrain, in windless weather, supporting the e-bike by pedaling at a speed of about 30km/h, with the user’s weight approx. 75 kg.

We do not give the maximum assisted ranges for speeds below 30km/h, assuming that none of our customers is going to travel at these speeds. The ranges below these speeds will certainly be higher, however, we leave it to each individual customer to investigate it on their own.

Charging time:

Most of our sample configurations come standard with fast chargers, however we are able to provide any option with an even faster charger. Please contact us to determine if your home/apartment/office installation will allow the use of a more powerful charger. We will provide all information on this at the ordering stage.

Production time:

Each e-bike is a brand new product that is made to the customer’s order. We do our best to deliver our e-bikes to customers as soon as possible, however, the assumed delivery time includes a safe margin for both parties. We inform you about the estimated lead time at the stage of placing the order.

How to order an e-bike:

After selecting a sample configuration, or an individual order, please send your pro-forma invoice details to Pro-forma invoice (issued to a natural person or legal entity), will be for 50% of the order total. After recording the payment on our account, we begin the production process. If you have questions about financing (leasing for companies – vat 23%, invoiced according to the needs of your business), we invite you to contact our company.

Internal tests:

Each e-bike before release, is thoroughly tested by us in the conditions for which it was created. We have your safety in mind, which is why the tests consist in the initial stresses elimination, proper brake bed-in procedures and tests conducted by thermal imaging cameras.

Finished e-bike release:

After our company completes the production, a VAT invoice (23%) is issued to the previous pro-forma invoice. In case of shipping or delivery to the customer, the invoice may also include its cost. The invoice can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. In case of transfer to account, the e-bike will be issued after the transfer is recorded in the account.


Please refer to the Warranty Terms and Conditions subpage for detailed warranty information

When ordering a BearEbike, you get access to, among other things

  • Video manual in english
  • Service instruction video in english
  • On-line preview of the work on your vehicle
  • A dedicated BearEbike GPS application to track your vehicle (if GPS option retrofitted)
  • Access to a Facebook group dedicated exclusively to buyers of BearEbike vehicles
  • The opportunity to participate in riding technique improvement courses dedicated exclusively to purchasers of BearEbike vehicles
  • Discounts at companies recommended by us
  • Gaining technical knowledge
  • and much more

Delivery in Poland:

Within the country we offer delivery by our company. The delivery cost is calculated individually for each order.

We also offer delivery through external shipping companies and personal collection at BearEbike headquarters.

International shipments:

We deliver all our e-bikes throughout Europe and neighboring countries. The shipping cost is an additional cost and is calculated at the ordering stage by the customer. The average shipping cost within Europe is 300 – 600 € . We use services of reliable international carriers. All e-bikes are sent by insured and registered shipments with tracking number. We also allow for the possibility of shipping by the customer’s carrier. Depending on the e-bike weight, it will be shipped wrapped in plastic, in a cardboard box or on a wooden frame.

Approximate costs of delivery to particular countries:

  • Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine – 300 €
  • United Kingdom – 550 € (delivery with free of charge custom duty taxes)
  • Ireland – 450 €
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland – 500 € – up to the Arctic Circle, 650 € – beyond the Arctic Circle
  • Iceland – 600 €.
  • Russia, Ukraine – 400 € up to the meridian 37 east, further transportation to be agreed.
  • Other European countries – 400 €.
  • USA – from 2 100 USD  (by Air, depend from ZIP Code, price without custom duty taxes added on US Border – about 600 USD)
  • Australia – from 3 000 AUD (by Air, depend from ZIP Code)

Information for customers outside the EU: The cost of shipping does not include customs fees. Please, call us for any information on this topic.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact our company.