Below you will find our experienced team that makes all BearEbike vehicles. Please note in advance that we are not Tinder masters and we don't take pictures of ourselves at every opportunity. Instead, we know about building electric vehicles, and not necessarily about portfolio photos and corporate staff descriptions.... so as soon as some professional photographer visits us, the team photos will be replaced with "more professional" ones.


Frame designer, creator and avid electric vehicle enthusiast. Author and exclusive builder of the first Venom Insane with ASI controller in Poland, and the fastest Venom in the world. Promoter of electric vehicles. A programmer by education – a graduate of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, experienced roboticist with specialization in embedded systems. A hobby pilot of  Cessna 152 in the process of obtaining a PPL(A) license in the Civil Aviation Authority, MTB XC competitor, collodion photography enthusiast.

Kac (meaning Hangover)

The Killer Hangover has no heart. Kac laces wheels that can withstand incredible overloads in your vehicles. A man of great talent and imagination on how to fix something where everyone has already given up. As of 2019, he is associated with us in the production of electric vehicles. Irreplaceable man - who under no circumstances can be approached on Monday morning – unless we see that Hangover does  have a cup of coffee in hand. Privately, a lover of long-distance road cycling.


Motor expert. He had his first contact with ebikes, with power above 10kW many years ago. Incredibly accurate and focused on ensuring that each motoris tuned up to the smallest detail. Privately, a martial arts lover, with an eternal smile and serenity on his face.


The most handsome man in our team. An expert on lithium-ion batteries. He knows everything about them, and if he doesn't know something, it means the battery manufacturer hasn't consulted him yet. Since the beginning of his career he is inseparably connected with CyklonEbike. A month ago he promised to take a photo of himself the next day. The result – can be seen. Privately a fan of Honda cars equipped with  Dutch Autogas systems and provocateur of unusual recordings on his voicemail. Beginning carpentry enthusiast


Kuba - former trainee, currently our employee. Thanks to him all those amazing prototypes of integrated circuits are created. Unpolished diamond with great passion for powerful electric vehicles as well as embedded systems. When talking to Marecki, only two of them know what they are talking about. Currently finishing education at Mechatronic Technical School No. 1, the best technical school in Poland. Soon a student of Warsaw University of Technology.


What do you do at work? I weld. What do you do in your free time? I weld! What do you do at night? I dream about welding... Luke - a man who was born with a welding torch in his hand. Master of TIG and polished weld. He does not look down on MIG either.


Our secret weapon in business contacts. When all avenues of contact fail, - here she comes . A woman impossible to outtalk. For many years associated with laser technology of Trumpf company. In BearEbike she is responsible for international sales on western markets, as well as coordination of deliveries and logistics of orders. In everyday life a mom of Bańka, Honda and Gałgan. Privately she participates in many runnning races and marathons, both in Poland and Germany.

Bańka (meaning Bubble)

Newfoundland bear - an endangered species, which can be found only in our workshop. He participates in every service action, test drives and configuration of a new vehicle at the customer's request. Our mascot. Privately - the lover of fresh kaiser rolls.