BearEbike warrants the frames, rigid forks, and original (factory installed) components of each new BearEbike against defects in materials and technology, under the conditions described below:

5-year warranty:

– On the bicycle frame, except for models not intended for public roads provided that the bicycle is registered on the BearEbike website within 1 month of purchase.

Warranty for a period of 2 years:

– On the bicycle frame on models not designed for public roads.

Warranty for a period of 1 year:

– on the paint finish and graphics.

– On all other parts, including rear suspension components, excluding: non-BearEbike parts, suspension forks, and rear shock absorbers.

All non-BearEbike parts, suspension forks, and rear shock absorbers are warranted solely by their original manufacturer, if any.

The warranty runs from the date of purchase of the bicycle.


This warranty covers only new vehicles and frames purchased from an authorized BearEbike dealer and prepared by that dealer for use.


The warranty provides free repair, or if repair is not possible, replacement of individual defective parts with defect-free parts of equal or greater value. The decision on the type of parts to be used rests solely with BearEbike. The entire bicycle and equipment are not subject to exchange or return.


This warranty does not cover:

  • normal wear and tear of parts such as tires, chains, lighting, batteries, sprockets, brake pads and discs, cables and derailleurs when there is no defect in material or technology;
  • modifications of the product in relation to the original construction;
  • damages resulting from non-compliance with the instruction manual;
  • damages of the paint coating resulting from exposing the bike to extreme conditions, including climatic conditions, or from using it in such conditions
  • damages of the bicycle caused by practicing high-performance sports and the consequences of such sports in the form of accidents and injuries
  • damages of threaded connections
  • damages resulting from gross negligence, e.g. flooding the motor with water, cutting phase wires or freezing the battery
  • damages resulting from an accident or collision


Warranty entitlements expire in the following cases:

  • expiry of the warranty period
  • failure to comply with the warranty card
  • failure to carry out the compulsory inspection mentioned earlier in these Terms and Conditions on time
  • repairs and/or modifications to the bicycle are not carried out by an authorized BearEbike dealer
  •  failure to comply with the instructions in this User Manual, especially with regard to proper operation and maintenance
  • use of a bicycle in a defective or damaged condition which may lead to further damage or personal injury.
  • unauthorized modifications or attempts to modify the electrical, electronic or software components of the vehicle
  • breaking the warranty seals of the battery casing


Except as provided in this warranty, BearEbike, its employees and authorized dealers shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including incidental or consequential loss or damage or damage caused by the negligence or misconduct of the user) caused by or in connection with any BearEbike. Any claim under this warranty should be made to an authorized BearEbike dealer. Proof of purchase and a properly completed warranty card are required to process a warranty claim. Claims made outside the country of purchase may incur fees and other restrictions. The warranty period and specific provisions may vary depending on a country and/or on a bike type. This warranty does not exclude, limit, or suspend any of the purchaser’s rights under applicable warranty laws.

Location of the serial number on the frame:

The BearEbike frame serial number is located on the underside of the down tube, on the bottom bracket  or on the left chainstay (swingarm).