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BearEbike Revolutionises Moto Session 2024 in Lublin

On the 20th-21st of April, 2024, the automotive industry will turn its attention to Lublin, where the next edition of the Moto Session trade fair will take place.

Among the exhibitors, BearEbike - the renowned Polish manufacturer of electric two-wheelers known for creating the fastest e-vehicles in the country - will not be missing. This year's event will be particularly significant for BearEbike, as it marks the second time the company has had the opportunity to showcase its innovations at this prestigious event.

Last year, BearEbike made its debut at Moto Session, presenting its flagship vehicles: Nitro, Ultimate, and Desert. Their unique blend of style, power, and ecological innovation received enthusiastic reviews. This year, the company has decided to go one step further by introducing a completely new version of its best-selling model - Nitro, to the fair.

Nitro: Bicycle and Motorcycle in One

In 2024, BearEbike will focus on showcasing two versions of the Nitro vehicle: bicycle and motorcycle. Both models are equipped with advanced electric technology, offering unparalleled speed, range, and riding comfort. The Nitro bicycle version is the perfect solution for those seeking an ecological and efficient mode of transport for everyday use, while the motorcycle version provides unforgettable riding experiences, capable of achieving impressive speeds.

Wheelie Machine: Feel the Adrenaline with BearEbike

However, the main attraction of the BearEbike stand will be the "wheelie machine" - a specially constructed device that will allow every visitor to the fair to experience riding on one wheel on the motorcycle version of Nitro. This innovative machine will not only allow participants to feel the adrenaline and excitement associated with dynamic riding but also safely learn the techniques of controlling the vehicle while performing spectacular stunts. It is not only a unique opportunity to test one's skills but also an excellent way to understand how BearEbike's advanced technology contributes to safety and control over the vehicle.

Practical Information

The Moto Session fair will take place at the Targi Lublin hall C on Dworcowa Street 11. Those interested in the latest trends in electric mobility will have the opportunity to visit the BearEbike stand from 10:00 to 18:00. Entry tickets are available at a price of 30 PLN. It is not only a great chance to get acquainted with the latest industry trends but also to personally experience the innovation and technological advancement offered by BearEbike.


BearEbike's participation in the 2024 Moto Session in Lublin not only continues a tradition but most importantly, heralds a new chapter in the history of electric mobility in Poland. The presentation of the new versions of the Nitro vehicle, including the opportunity to personally experience the wheelie machine, is sure to attract crowds of two-wheeler enthusiasts. BearEbike proves that innovation combined with passion can define the future of transport, making it faster, more efficient, and above all, ecological and accessible to everyone. The Moto Session 2024 in Lublin is an event that no motorcycling fan, especially those interested in electric mobility, should miss.