Russell Desert

  • Range 140 km Range 140 km
  • Power 14 000 W Power up to 14 000 W
  • Speed 80 km/h Speed up to 80 km/h


BearEbike Russell is arguably the best electric motorbike in the world. It comes in four grades that vary in colour and specification.

All the BearEbikes vehicles are designed to overcome the most extreme weather and terrain conditions and to generate a huge dose of adrenaline that will give you the shivers. The BearEbike team organises team building trips around the world for its customers. If you would like to join our club, please contact us!


Unique features distinguishing this model:


  • Front and rear Öhlins suspension
  • Frame coated with the desert sand colour with a painting assigned only to the Desert version
  • Comfortable, quilted seat, dedicated  for Desert model line.
  • Motor winding with the highest torque in the lower range, featuring 100Nm more than in the Nitro version
  • Widely diffused LED light ensuring clear visibility of both the surface in front of the front wheel and the whole route dozens of kilometres ahead
  • Tapered frame head, with superb turning radius
  • Short swingarm with the center of rotation maximally shifted toward the center of the frame, allowing an immediate thrust of the front wheel upward with the use of a gas lever and the balance of the body
  • Hydraulic 4-piston brakes with 203mm floating rotors
  • Aluminium pedals made of forged aluminium according to CNC technology, based on a durable center of the bottom bracket tailored for operating on marshy grounds
  • Ultimate rear shock for gravity riders. High-speed, low-speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable. Technology moved from MX sports.
  • Caulked multi-bearing BearEbike hub of the 36H system, designed for work with rigid axle 20x110. The axle and its symmetric blockades are operated with one HEX spanner
  • Two speed modes of the vehicle. ECO mode with Vmax 25 kph and nominal power of 250W. Off Rode mode with Vmax 80 kph and max power of 14 000 W.
  • BMS system for long battery life
  • Front off-road tyre, dedicated for riding in sand and on marshy grounds. Rear dual sport tyre, allowing riding with low pressure on marshy grounds and with high pressure on paved surfaces
  • Wheels adjusted to Tubliss, Muse systems and other solutions which allow comfort off road riding
  • Regenerative braking – a system of recovering energy from the braking vehicle, which starts upon the end of acceleration, together with a system of a controlled recuperation braking with a gas lever, which enables to recover up to 35% of energy during everyday ride


All the BearEbike vehicles have undergone the procedures of assessment of the compliance with the European Union regulations and have the CE certificate. All the strategic security components, necessary for the vehicle to move under the terms determined by a vehicle performance standards, also comply with the TÜV regulations and have other certificates proving their conformity with the regulations equal to, or more restrictive than the regulations applicable in a given country from beyond the European Union economic zone


UN38.3 standard is a crucial safety standard for Li-Ion batteries. Only BearEbike is the sole company in Europe producing vehicles of this type that comply with this norm. As a result, our customers can be assured that our batteries are the safest on the market. The UN38.3 norm also encompasses the IATA, UN, and UN regulations regarding air transportation, allowing us to seamlessly transport our vehicles by air. Our products adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring not only quality and performance but also peace of mind and trust for our customers.


Nominal voltage 72V
Front light LED Cree
Rear light Led positions + stop
High-Speed USB port Yes
LCD display Yes
Alarm with remote Yes
Fast charger Yes - 25A
Charging time up to 80% 3,5H
Peak battery capacity 3 700 Wh
Power train

Power train

Thumb throttle Yes
Crank and pedals Yes
Nominal power 4 000 W
Peak power 14 000 W
Motor torque 280 NM
Motor Electric with high copper filling
Frame and suspension

Frame and suspension

Frame Entirely Polish manufactured.
Made by BearEbike team. Steel and aluminium construction.
Frame size Universal
Wheels Both motorbike aluminium rims - 21" front and 18" rear rims,
rear rim additionally reinforced
Front shock absorbers Öhlins DH38 M.1 200 mm
Rear shock absorbers Öhlins TTX 22M Custom 250 mm 684 LBS
Fenders Yes
Kickstand Yes
Braking system

Braking system

Front brake 4 - Piston hydraulic brake
Rear brake 4 - Piston hydraulic brake
Brake rotors 203 mm floating
VIN plate Russell Desert 2024 69

BearEbike vehicles
VIN numered

Dear All, we are proud to announce that as of 23/09/2021, all BearEbike vehicles are VIN numbered. Our company is the first and ONLY electric vehicle manufacturer from Poland, fully complying with all ISO 3780 standards: 2009, ISO 3779: 2009 and ISO 3779: 2009, it passed the positive accreditation for assigning VIN numbers to its vehicles, in accordance with the standards of the Polish Committee for Standardization was registered in the SAE International system under the initial code SX0, for L-category vehicles.

At present, all newly manufactured vehicles are VIN numbered, as the only vehicles of this type in Poland, which makes them currently the safest constructions on the market. We would also like to inform you that all of our vehicles can now be successfully insured with Third Party Liability because all BearEbike vehicles have received the status of motor vehicles.