Charlie Russell – is the best known Grizzly bear conservationist and activist – known for his decade-long work in Kamchatka, where he taught local guides how to lead bear watching trips. He began buying orphaned grizzly cubs from zoos, taking them to remote areas of Kamchatka and teaching them how to live in the wild .

With the support of electric propulsion, Russell vehicles will never again make difficult climbs and long distances a problem for you. The electric motor and capacious battery will get you to your destination faster and easier. If you ever had the fear that a bike trip would be too much of a burden, the Russell is the best remedy for your fears.

Russell  ebike in any version of equipment, is based on aluminum-steel frame. The Russell frame as well as all other BearEbike frames are manufactured from start to finish in Poland. Vehicle weight depending on the final version of equipment is approx. 55-60kg.


BearEbike Russell

A version of the BearEbike Russell vehicle not approved for public traffic due to its specification. Not homologated, intended for off-road use only.

All BearEbike Russell vehicles feature a thumb throttle.  Motorcycle-style twist grip throttles are not fitted for safety reasons (on each vehicle maximum torque is available immediately from 0 km/h).

The BearEbike Russell is a non-homologated vehicle intended for off-road riding only, e.g. forest, fields, meadows, mountains and private land.

All vehicles in the BearEbike Russell series are designed for people who prioritize acceleration and top speed over maximum range on a single charge.

If you would like more information on the configurations shown, or would like to configure the vehicle to suit you – please contact us.

VIN number/b>YESYES
Frame sizeL / XLL / XL
Size of the wheels 21" front, 18" rear, or 19" front, 18" rear21" front, 18" rear, or 19" front, 18" rear
Wheels typemotobike, rear premium (Excel, SM Pro, DiD)motobike, rear premium (Excel, SM Pro, DiD)
Front fortk200mmÖhlins DH38 m.1 220mm / Marzocchi Bomber 58 200mm
Damper240mm 650-850lbsÖhlins TTX 22m Custom 650-850lbs
Front brake4 piston hydraulic brake with power regen4 piston hydraulic brake with power regen
Rear brake2 piston hydraulic brake with power regen4 piston hydraulic brake with power regen
Brake rotors203mm floating203mm floating
Front lightLED CreeLED Cree
Rear lightLED
pozycje + stop
pozycje + stop
Alarm with remoteYESYES
Fast ChargerYESYES

Thumb throttleYESYES

Nominal Voltage72V72V
Nominal power3 000 W3 400 W
Peak power15 000 W27 000 W
N.m.182 N.m.200 N.m.
CoolingTurbinators Turbinators + Cooling Covers
ControllerASIILS HLC12

Battery capactity3 700 Wh3 700 Wh

Acceleration 0-50km/h5 sec2-3sec

Price in EUR

8 880 €

15 555 €

Meet the Russell frame

Unique frame characteristics:

  • Completely Polish manufactured frame, made by the BearEbike team
  • Tapered and extended head tube for the best possible turning radius
  • Aluminum battery and control unit housing, combined with a body and swingarm made of 2mm thick cold bent structural steel
  • Built-in chain tensioning system eliminates the need for a rear derailleur.
  • Expanded cage in the middle of the frame (even more so than on the Villain, and even more so than on the Venom)
  • Swingarm designed for QS205 V3 engine
  • Reinforced seatpost and seat tube for rider weight of 130kg
  • Swingarm geometry to reduce rear wheel vibration on cobblestones.
  • Frame and swingarm strength calculated in MES


FrameFat BearRussellWojtekUrsa Major
Inner Width:144mm128mm89mm144mm
Capacity (18650 cells):383324200334
Capacity (21700 cells):290228151253
materialHigh-quality steel and aluminumHigh-quality steel and aluminumHigh-quality steel and aluminumHigh-quality steel, aluminum and carbon fiber
Recommended front fork:200-220mm200-220mm120-220mmMotobike
Recommended damper210-250mm210-250mm210-250mmMotobike 320mm
Bottom bracket mountin swingarmin swingarmin swingarmcommon axle of the frame and swingarm
Dostępne rozmiary:L / XLM /L / XLM / LS / M / L / XL

Dedicated vehicle sizes:

L – 165-182cm – user weight up to 95kg

XL – 186-210cm – user weight up to 110kg


Vmax – the maximum speed of the vehicle without the electronic speed limiter measured with a fully charged battery – on flat terrain, in windless weather, at 15°C and with a 75 kg rider. The maximum speed of the Ultimate version of the vehicle is achieved under “ideal conditions” when measured on a load dynamometer test stand. According to our experience and measurements, due to air resistance and aerodynamics it is difficult for this vehicle to exceed 140km/h on tracks designed for this purpose.

Acceleration 0-50km/h – acceleration obtained during the measurement with a fully charged battery – on flat terrain, in windless weather, with temperature of 15°C and rider’s weight of 75 kg. The measurement value is obtained from the combined mean of the GPS measurement and the measurement based on the engine Hall sensors. The acceleration value may slightly differ in real world conditions and it depends only on the driving ability of the user. Acceleration value for Fat Bear Ulltimate is approximate because we lack the ability to ride this vehicle and get a consistent and repeatable result (and not to hurt ourselves).

Range – realistic range value given for each vehicle type. Minimum range is the minimum range you can achieve by riding practically all the time in the upper battery load range. The maximum range is given when travelling at a speed of up to 25km/h using a traditional propulsion system and an electric motor in the form of pedal assistance. In both cases range is measured from a fully charged battery – on flat terrain, in windless weather and with temperature of 15°C and rider weight of 75kg. If you want to know the exact range of our vehicle for your weight, terrain characteristics and driving style – please contact us.

When you order a vehicle from BearEbike, you get access to:

  • Private Video manuals in english
  • Service instruction video in english
  • A dedicated BearEbike GPS application to track your vehicle (if GPS option retrofitted)
  • Access to a Facebook group dedicated exclusively to buyers of BearEbike vehicles
  • The opportunity to participate in riding technique improvement courses dedicated exclusively to purchasers of BearEbike vehicles
  • Discounts at companies recommended by us
  • Gaining technical knowledge
  • and much more

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